Visiting Jerusalem

Jerusalem is one of the oldest cities in the world and it is located on a plateau in the Judaean Mountains. The city is known as a Holy place to people who follow Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. People love taking their holiday in Jerusalem because the weather is mild year round. While the temperatures do get chilly during the winter months, it is not extremely hot in the summer. Let’s see what visiting Jerusalem is all about.

Everyone who thinks that there is nothing available in Jerusalem except religion would be quite wrong because this city is filled with art and culture as well. The Israel Museum is located in Jerusalem and there are multiple buildings on the 20 acres of land. There are many exhibits and collections on display at the museum including the Dead Sea Scrolls that can be found at the Shrine of the Book section of the museum.

Music can be found throughout the city and many visitors are able to enjoy a performance by either the Jerusalem Symphonic Orchestra or the Israel Philharmonic. Other performances are also held at the Gerard Behar Center, the Jerusalem Cinematheque, the Targ Music Center, and the Jerusalem Music Center. The famous Israel Festival has been held in the area since 1961 and it features street theater performances, concerts, and plays and if you want to see what’s the best time to visit Israel, check out this article.

Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo (Tisch Family Zoological Gardens in Jerusalem) is a great place to visit for a day in order to see many of the animals that are featured in the Bible. The zoo also does amazing work trying to save many endangered species.

A very peaceful and inspiring place to visit in Jerusalem is the Tolerance Monument that is on a hill between Jewish Armon HaNetziv and Arab Jebel Mukaber. Czeslaw Dźwigaj created the monument as a symbol of peace for Jerusalem.

Anyone who visits Jerusalem on holiday will want to go into the Old City in order to see the massive stone walls and ancient buildings. There are markets located in Old City, where people can purchase souvenirs and other traditional items and travelers need to be aware that they are expected to bargain while they are purchasing items.

Jerusalem is a city that people can visit for a holiday in order to relax, learn new things and have fun. The city has so much to offer everyone and visitors just need to go out and see as much as they possibly can during their time there.

Mahane Yehuda Market

The Mahane Yehuda Market is a marketplace in Jerusalem. You may often read about it referred to as “The Shuk”. It is basically a Jerusalem Mall that was once fully open but now has some coverage. It is extremely popular among both tourists and locals because of the 250+ vendors who sell all kinds of items like fresh fruit and veggies, fish, meat, cheese, baked goods, seeds, spices, nuts, wine, spirits, housewares, shoes, textiles, and clothing.

As you can see, this marketplace has just about everything you could hope to find. If you visit Israel at the end of December, make sure you’ll get the best Hanukkah impression as well. Hanukkah is Israel’s Festival of Lights starting in 2019 on December 22 and it lasts until December 30.

The ”Food Court”

As with all good malls, this Jerusalem Mall definitely has a lot of food to choose from. Whether you choose to go by a café or buy from one of the countless vendors selling their wares, you definitely won’t leave hungry if you plan on a good meal. There are tons of juice bars, cafés, restaurants, grill stands, and countless other places to get food. Recently, you can also expect to see some vibrant nightlife in this area with live music, bars, and restaurants waiting for the night owls to emerge once the sun goes down.

Everything You Could Want

Back in the 2000s, the Mahane Yehuda Market saw some big changes. The roads were repaved, infrastructure work was done, and different shops started to open. Boutiques and cafés started popping up which started to blend in the “modern” generation with the “older” generation. This marketplace in Jerusalem started to climb the ladder towards becoming upscale.

Now, there are jewelry stores, places to get designer clothing, and so much more to experience. You could spend an entire day there and probably still be unable to visit every single vendor. You may also want to read this story about the American Bride getting married in Israel, an interesting story and highly informative!


The nightlife certainly has grown. Now, there are bars with their own specialty drinks, live bands playing great music, and people having the time of their life while the moon is shining above. There are romantic date night destinations, fun places to hang out, and dance/music festivals held in this Jerusalem Mall. The chances for this area have really brought the entire city into the modern area and have done some amazing things to bring in new people and different cultures.

Mahane Yehuda Market

If you are going to Jerusalem, this is a must-visit location. Many American Jewish students organizations can learn a lot for campus activities from how things are organized here. From the booming nightlife to the amazing shops you can’t find anywhere else, going to the Mahane Yehuda Market is a once in a lifetime experience for most people.

Time factors to be taken when planning a visit to Israel.

The visit to Israel depends on some important factors that you have to work for yourselves (as in the season of the Jewish holidays. Perhaps you’d prefer a cooler time to visit rather than melting during the summer).