Education, Technology, Science, and Innovation in Israel

This is a (not complete, by all means…) impression of education, technology, science, and innovation in Israel.

Israeli Education standards and security:

-Israel has the highest relative ratio of university degrees in the world.
-Israel has the largest relative number of startup companies in the world, and the second largest number in absolute terms (after the United States).

Most of these are hi-tech companies that improve the lives of people around the world.
-After the U.S. and Holland, Israel has the largest percentage of workers holding university degrees.
-Israel has the world’s third highest rate of entrepreneurship and also the highest among women and individuals aged 55 and up.

-According to airline security officials, Israel has the best flight security system in the world, one now looked to by the U.S. among other countries.
-Israel produces the second highest number of new books per capita in the world and this is another good reason to visit Israel.
-Israel has more scientists and technicians per capita than any other country in the world: 145 per 10,000 (the U.S., for example, has 85).
-Over 90% of Israeli homes today have solar water heaters that run on innovations developed at Israeli universities. Here, education matters!

Israeli Innovations in Technology and Science:

-The original Motorola technology for the cell phone (Motorola’s largest development center is in Israel).
-Most of the Microsoft Windows NT operating system.
-Voicemail technology was developed here, an accomplishment many Israeli take pride in.
-The technology for AOL Instant Messenger.
-The first successfully functioning large-scale solar-powered electricity generating plant (installed in the Californian desert).
-A pioneering drip irrigation system that provides crops with the necessary amount of water without wasting any, a method critical in places with water shortages.
-The first completely computerized, non-radiation machine to diagnose breast cancer.
-The first ingestible video camera, which can be swallowed inside a pill and used by doctors to see from the inside of patients.

Government, Liberalism, and Human Rights:

-Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. If you plan to visit Israel in the summer, start planning your visit now!
-Relative to its population, Israel absorbs the largest number of immigrants of any country in the world. These people immigrate to Israel to find democracy, human rights, economic opportunities, and religious freedom. All in all, some pretty good reasons to visit Israel.
-Golda Meir, Israel’s fourth Prime Minister, upon her election in 1969 became the world’s second elected female leader in the modern era.
-In 1984 and 1991, Israel airlifted a total of 22,000 Ethiopian Jews out of danger from Ethiopia to Israel.
-The policy of the Israeli Defense Forces (Israel’s military) prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.
-Israeli bank notes have brail on them so that the blind can read them.