Summer in Israel? Plan that Visit Now

What are you doing this summer? Do you want to participate in an archeological dig? Study in a yeshiva environment? Work on a kibbutz? Hike and climb the length of Israel? Well, if you’re thinking about spending the summer in Israel? Plan that visit now!

Check out this sampling of programs in Israel (more programs will be presented during the coming months), and share with us some of your favorite experiences from your past summers in Israel. BTW, every program puts stress on your security while in Israel.

Destination Israel is the comprehensive Israel program information portal designed to help students find the Israel program that’s right for them.

NFTY in Israel – North American Federation of Temple Youth. Hike, climb, discover, and explore with new friends from across the continent. Return home with endless personal accomplishments, meaningful memories and stories you’ll never forget.

Passport to Israel – BBYO’s Passport to Israel (P2I) will bring you to Israel to explore desert canyons, walk in the footsteps of history, and connect to your Jewish identity on a whole new level.

Camp Ramah Noam in Israel – Values of tolerance, absorption of new immigrants, democracy, pluralism, and Zionism are all part of our educational programs.

Young Judaea Israel Programs – Spend 5 1/2 weeks exploring all Israel has to offer. You will have an amazing summer experience while climbing Masada, swimming in the Dead Sea, learning Hebrew and much more!

NCSY – National Synagogue Youth’s Jerusalem Journey. Israel, from sea to sea, from desert to modern and ancient Israeli cities – you’ll see the most beautiful country in the world.

Other Short news related to culture and lifestyle

Blue, White and Green Israel Stock Fund

Every bar or bat mitzvah celebration now offers a twofold opportunity to link a child with Israel. The Blue and White Fund, a U.S. mutual fund that invests solely in Israeli companies, has been offering chai ($18) in free stock shares to youngsters celebrating a Simcha. Now a sapling – as well as equity – can grow for Jews coming of age.

The Jewish National Fund, a nonprofit devoted to the stewardship of lands in Israel, is partnering with the 2-year-old mutual fund, based in Beverly Hills, Calif. As part of the pact, JNF will plant a tree in the Jewish state in the young person’s honor.

“It’s a way to honor their bar or bat mitzvah and establish roots for them in the land of Israel,” said Rona Rodrig, JNF’s director of product and campaign development, of the program of Jewish youth.

Rob Goldman, a chief investment officer of the stock fund, sees synergy in the pairing. “On the Blue and White side, what we’re attempting to do is building awareness of the Israeli economic ability and the success of Israel’s companies by investing in them,” said Goldman, adding that the two groups are “working together to support Israel and being socially conscious in the process.”

Israel is helping other new and developing nations

Israel sends its knowledge all over the world to assist nations in need. Israel has shown that the desert can be conquered and made hospitable for habitation and farming. Thousands of agronomists, farmers and agricultural managers from all over the world have attended Israeli educational programs and seminars.

In disaster aid for a country of its size, Israel is second to none. According to the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Israel invests 50 million shekels ($11.4 million) in humanitarian assistance each year, with ad hoc supplements in emergency situations.

The Israeli army’s search and rescue teams have rushed to earthquake-stricken areas in Turkey, Armenia, and Mexico. Israel has contributed financial and medical support to those suffering in Darfur, Sudan. Israeli doctors perform open-heart surgeries on babies and children in Ethiopia and China.

With the recent tsunami disaster in Asia, Israel was one of the first nations to send a medical team to the area. Besides the dispatch of volunteers to Sri Lanka, thousands of Israelis of all ages mobilized to raise money and collect food for the victims.