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Education, Technology, Science, and Innovation in Israel

This is a (not complete, by all means…) impression of education, technology, science, and innovation in Israel.

Israeli Education standards and security:

-Israel has the highest relative ratio of university degrees in the world.
-Israel has the largest relative number of startup companies in the world, and the second largest number in absolute terms (after the United States).

Most of these are hi-tech companies that improve the lives of people around the world.
-After the U.S. and Holland, Israel has the largest percentage of workers holding university degrees.
-Israel has the world’s third highest rate of entrepreneurship and also the highest among women and individuals aged 55 and up.

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Residential Education in Israel

Israel’s residential education system differs from what currently exists in the U.S. Israel’s network of approximately fifty (50) children and youth villages could serve as a model for the U.S. Residential education is far more widely available in Israel than in any other country in the world, and is less expensive than in the U.S. Let’s take a closer look at what residential education in Israel is all about.

Israel does not have an elite tuition boarding school system. It does have a system made up of child-centered communities which are not necessarily for “misfits” nor for those from financially advantaged backgrounds, but for “normal” children and youth who have troubles in their home environments.

“Residential education” is the term used in Israel, whereas “residential treatment” or “residential care” are the terms most often used in the U.S. The former represents a more positive view of students, and emphasizes strengths and the future, whereas the latter indicates a more problem-to-be-solved approach.

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Jewish Education

The Jewish Class Room of the Future and Jewish Education

The world around us is changing so much faster than we ever thought possible. IBM states that every day, there are more than two quintillions (a million raised to the fifth power) data bytes created, and more than 90 percent of that data was created during the last two years! Just imagine…

And whether you like it or not, technology has become a part of all the things we do, be it in our communication or how we engage in business or politics. Youth nowadays grow up and go to school in a digital world, and teachers and school administrators have no other choice but to adapt to evolving tools and teaching methods. Digital engagement is required, and today’s children are expecting creativity and customization in their classrooms.

The classroom of the future may very well be filled with interactive tablets, 3-D animation models, colorful graphics, and interfaces that will be turning learning into something like a game, something students are already used to, so they love to learn and will get home raving about it. When they explore and study the Beit HaMikdash construction, the students can virtually explore and wander through a 3-D model of the construction and learn also how it must have been living in the days of their ancestors.

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